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Duppi - Skull Caps

Skull-caps are an integral part of Uzbek national attire, and are a veritable work of national art. They are convenient to wear, practical and attractive. The diversity of forms - conic, four-sided, round, cupolar-shaped - skull-caps, richly embroidered, which imparts them with a delicate, large-scale or carpet texture; their variety of colours - from laconic black-white to bright multi-colour - makes Uzbek headwear universal. The upper part and cap-band of a skull-cap are embroidered with flower geometrical patterns against an entirely embroidered background of figured medallions or flower plants. In the XIX and early XX centuries local peculiarities of embroidery of skull-caps in different regions were so precise that they allowed to determine the birth-place of the owner.

In Uzbekistan several ways of embroidery were used. Prominence was given to selecting stiches and detailing. Large surfaces were filled up with one-sided bosma satin-stitch, forming a close, slightly-raised texture, or a small half criss-cross iroki stich, conveying the surface of the pattern a granulated appearance, or a yurma chain-stich, which, thanks to the exact calculation, impresses one with a richness of hues similar to the playing effect of precious stones. The yurma chain-stitch was often used for edging and making the outlines of patterns stand out. Each of the stitches cited above had a great number of versions in various centres of embroidery and preference was given to one or other method, which was conducive in creating a local style.

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